Clubs & Resorts

Advantage Tennis Services has a number of clubs that it has access to coach at:

  • Ocean View Tennis Club (Local Clientele)
    4 hard courts, (all floodlit)
  • Sandy Lane Resort
    6 plexicushion hard courts, 3 synthetic grass courts (all floodlit),
    2 18-hole golf courses, restaurant & bar, hotel
  • Cobblers Cove Hotel
    1 synthetic grass court (floodlit)
  • Millenium Heights
    2 hard courts (all floodlit)
  • Port St. Charles
    2 synthetic grass courts (all floodlit)
  • The Crane Hotel
    2 hard courts (all floodlit)
  • National Tennis Centre
    4 hard courts (all floodlit)
  • Las Celles Great House
    1 synthetic grass court

Advantage Tennis Services also has access to other qualified coaches to use as required.